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Asana practice - is only one step of the great Yoga Path. But remembering this, we can still be fascinated by this wonderfull art of controll over one's body and mind. I `m russian collector of  yoga-movies, especially with rare and advanced sequences of yoga-asanas and is ready to contact with people with same interest all over the world. In my collection there are interesting films with russian, ukrainian and indian masters, wich are not easy to find in the Western countries. I will be pleased to change films with other collectors. Or for example if you are not collector, we can make exchange - you order for me some video or yoga books from or other online store, and i`ll send you video from my collection.

Films are on DVD or D (Mpeg4 Divix or VCD Mpeg1), most of them in European PAL format.
You can download list of videos in MS Word (zip)

My page will update, so welcome again. If you want to have some movies, mail me
NOTE! If you didn`t get answer, maybe your e-mail not work properly. Try to send your letter from other e-mail. I`m respond all letters. Sometimes i can`t answer quickly, if traveling in India.

Please note, that most of the films were shoot by yoga practicioners themselves with simple VHS video camera and encoded to DVD or CD from VHS tapes, so it is not digital quality, if not mentioned. Films in Mpeg 4 Divix format are meant for watching on the computer, but now many DVD Players could read this format also. From you can download Divix player codec for free. Mpeg1 Video CD can be watched on ordinary DVD players or on computer with the help of most multimedia software.



Yoga Sport & Asana demonstrations

Ukraine and Russian Yoga masters

Indian yoga

Western Yoga masters

Rare documental movies


Yoga Sport & Asana demonstrations

International Yoga Festival 2003 - Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu state, South India
(4 Video CD Pal)

Yoga competitions in Podicherry, january 2003. On 4 CDs in Mpeg1 format ("video CD" - in India it is still widely used), it incluldes asana performance of men and women of different ages (from teenagers to veterans), and also theoretical exam on knowing Yoga Sutras, non-formal trainings of young yogis on the ocean coast near Pondicherry, and another interesting stuff (like making asanas, while driving motorbike and so on). Shoot is amatuer, but material is unique.


Yoga Festival - shot from the film

Yoga Festival - shot from the film


mallakhamb - yoga on rope

yogasport team of Ukraine

"Mallakhamb Yoga & Yogasport" (DVD Pal)

This DVD contains two extreme yoga asana movies - 1st is documental shooting of mallakhamb - traditional indian yoga on rope. 2nd - advanced asana demonstration of Ukrainian yogasport team - 8 strong practicioners.

trailer on youtube


Who is Who in extreme yoga - 1

"Who is Who - 1" (DVD Pal)

Extreme yoga asana film (produced by A.Sidersky). Asana performance of Indian and Russian yogis in International Yogasport competitions in Delhi, India, 2001. Also contain advanced asana practice of Anatoliy Zenchenko (Ukraine), shooted on the breakwater, Black Sea.

trailer on youtube

trailer2 on youtube


"Who is Who - 2" (DVD Pal)

Yoga teachers from Ukraine (produced by A.Sidersky).
Advanced asana practice by Ukrainian yoga teachers - lady`s and gent`s. Roman Rokotyol, Tanya Piven`, Irina Vorontzova, Slava Gutzaluk, Andrey Sidersky and many others.

trailer on youtube

trailer2 on youtube

trailer3 on youtube

 Who is Who in extreme yoga - 2 (Ukraine)


International Yoga Sports World Cup - Portugal 2003 (2 DVD set, Pal)

Yoga Sports competition in Portugal 2003. Yogis from India, Latin America, Ukraine and other countries. Classical asanas programm and Free style, Partner yoga programm. Vyacheslav Gutsaluk, Andrey Sidersky, Roman Rokotyol, Irina Vorontsova, Tanya Piven, Anatoliy Zenchenko (Ukraine), Sergey Kuligin, Alexander Nikitin, Denis Zaenchkovsky, Julia Petrik (Russia), Rudra Swami, Deepak, Mandip (India). Total time 2:36 Digital quality.

Yoga Sports - Brazil 2002 


International Yoga Sports World Cup - Spain 2004 (DVD, Pal)

Yoga Sports competition in Spain 2004. Yogis from India, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Israel, Hong Kong, Urugvai and other countries. Classical asanas programm and Free style + slide show. Digital quality.

trailer on youtube



Asana demonstrations on 2nd Conference
of Russian Yoga Magazine

Advanced asana demonstrations of yoga teachers from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belorussia. Crimea, july 2005. (DVD Pal) Digital quality.

trailer on youtube

trailer2 on youtube



Hatha Yoga "Master Party" - Crimea (Black Sea coast) 2002 

Every summer on the southern part of Crimean peninsula (Ukraine), on the Black sea coast, yoga master-party is held on Siderskiy initiative it`s non-formal conference of hatha-yoga teachers from all over former USSR. Yogis make their intensive practise on the concrete slabs of the breakwaters, share their epxerience and make improvised lections. On the DVD you can see documental shooting (by amateur VHS camera) from the first master-party of summer 2002. (DVD Pal)

trailer on youtube

Master Party 2002


Asana demonstrations on 1st Moscow Yoga Conference 2004

Advanced asana demonstrations of yoga teachers from Russia and Ukraine. Including Andrey Lappa, Denis Zaenchkovsky, Olga Bulanova, Alex Taishev and many others. (DVD Pal)

trailer on youtube

trailer2 on youtube




Ukraine and Russian Yoga masters

Andrey Sidersky "Hathayogasana 1" (DVD Pal)

Andrey Sidersky "Hathayogasana 2" (DVD Pal)

Andrey Sidersky from Kiev, Ukraine - one of the most famous and interesting masters of hatha-yoga in former USSR. He also learned Chi Kung with Chinese master. He created his own style of asana practice (vinyasa sequences with elements of Chi Kung), which resembles style of australian master Shandor Remete, but is more intensive and hard. Films are shoot on the sea coast in Crimea and Egypt, 2000.

A.Sidersky "Hatha Yoga in Taoist style" Asana sequnce in flowing style, shooted in Egypt, 2001 (DVD Pal)

A.Sidersky "Hatha yoga - Conceptual essay" Mix of advanced asana demonstrations shooted in different places of Crimea, Egypt etc. with background lecture about hatha yoga. (DVD Pal)


You can see his pictures here:

 Hathayogasana1 - shot from the film

Hathayogasana2 - shot from the film



Anatoliy Zenchenko

Anatoliy Zenchenko (2 CD Mp4 Divix)

CD1 - Advanced asana sequences for Muladhara chakra.

CD2 - Advanced asana sequence for Svadhisthana chakra.

Very advanced asana practicioner from Kiev (Ukraine). Shooted on the banks of Dnepr river.


Denis Zaenchkovsky

Denis is one of Senior teachers of Moscow Ashtanga yoga center. He studied with Indian and Ukraine yoga teachers of different yoga schools and was living and practicing yoga in Indian ashrams.

D.Zaenchkovsky "Hatha yoga - Advanced Level"   Advanced asana sequence. Shooted in forest. (DVD Pal)

D.Zaenchkovsky "Hatha yoga - Intensive series" Very intensive asana sequense including kandasana, ganda bherundasana, one hand standing etc.  Shooted in forest. (DVD Pal)

D.Zaenchkovsky "Hatha yoga - Backbends" Advanced backbending asanas. Shooted in India, ancient palace of Maharaja, Goverdhan, Uttar Pradesh. (DVD Pal)

D.Zaenchkovsky "Hatha yoga on the banks of Volga river" New advanced DVD Pal
trailer on youtube

Digital quality.

See gallery of Denis Zaenchkovsky here



Vladimir Kalabin

Vladimir Kalabin 

Extremal hatha yoga from Siberia ( DVD Pal)

Very uncommon and VERY extreme asana practice of russian yogi from Novosibirsk (Siberia).

trailer on youtube

You can see his pictures here:


Olga Bulanova

Olga is one of Senior teachers of Moscow Ashtanga yoga center. She studied with Indian and Ukraine yoga teachers of different yoga schools.

Olga Bulanova "Hatha yoga - beginners level" Shooted in forest 2004. (DVD Pal)
trailer on youtube

Olga Bulanova "Hatha yoga - intermediate level" Shooted in ancient Maharaja Palace, Goverdhan, India (DVD Pal)

trailer on youtube

trailer2 on youtube

Olga Bulanova "Hatha yoga - intermediate level 2" Shooted on breackwater, Black Sea, Crimea, Ukraine (DVD Pal) trailer on youtube

Olga Bulanova "Hatha yoga - Intensive series" Shooted on the rooftop in Rishikesh, India (DVD Pal)
trailer on youtube

Digital quality.



Andrey Lappa

Andrey Lappa "Yoga Mala in Kiev -1" (DVD Pal)
Andrey Lappa "Yoga Mala in Kiev -2" (DVD Pal)

Andrey is famous yoga teacher from Kiev, Ukraine, founder of his own vinyasa-based Universal Yoga Free Style ( ). These DVD`s contains rare shooting of Andrey`s  live classes in Kiev, winter 1999. Asana sequences of 1st and 2nd level with elements of Shiva Nata ("Dance of Shiva") Each DVD more than 2 hours.

A.Lappa "Vietnamese Yoga Dziong Shin & Dance of Tiger series" (1997-2000 including practice in Nepal mountains) (DVD Pal)




Chernigov Yoga School (Ukraine)

Alexander Taishev "Extreme asanas"  Yoga teacher from Chernigov town (Ukraine), Alex is one of the founders of Chernigov yoga school, demostrates advanced asanas in old industrial basement of Soviet times. Very impressive video. (DVD Pal, Digital quality)


Alexander Taishev "Chernigov Yoga School - Advanced sequence 10" (DVD Pal)

Sergey Sidortsov "Chernigov Yoga School - Advanced sequence 9"  (DVD Pal)

Advanced asana sequences of Chernigov Yoga School performed by founders - Sergey Sidortosv and Alex Taishev. Amateur recording in simple soviet flat.






Olga Lubomirskaya & Yuriy Smolovoy

"Partner asana practice"

How to improve asana practice with help of your partner. Nice movie of female and male yoga teachers from Moscow ("Santosha" yoga school) (DVD Pal).


Mikhail Baranov

Mikhail is one of Senior teachers of Moscow Ashtanga yoga center. He studied with Indian and Ukraine yoga teachers of different yoga schools.

M.Baranov "Hatha yoga - Intermediate Series" Shooted in forest, 2005. (DVD Pal)
trailer on youtube

M.Baranov "Hatha Yoga - Intermediate Series 2" Shooted in Gokarna, Karnataka coast, India 2006 (DVD Pal)

M.Baranov "Hatha Yoga - Advanced Series" Shooted in Gokarna, Karnataka coast, India 2006 (DVD Pal)

M. Baranov "Yoga Asana Intensive" - (Tamil Nadu, Karur) Advanced backbends and asanans. (DVD Pal)

Digital quality.

 See gallery of Mikhail Baranov here



Maria Vorobyeva

"Beginners/Intermediate Sequence"

Nice blond russian instructor demonstrates beginners & intermediate sequence in forest. With russian & english voice. (DVD Pal).
trailer on youtube

See gallery of Maria Vorobyeva here




Indian yoga


Kausalya Mahalakshmi
"Karur Surya Namaskar"

Kausilya is teacher of Yoga Institute in town Karur, Tamil Nadu, South India. She is disciple of yogacharya Dr. Madhavan and winner of few Yoga Competitions in Pondicherry. She demonstrates dinamical sequence of very advanced level, this version of Suryanamaskar including ganda bherundasana, purna chakrasana, hanumanasana with backbend and other advanced postures. Shooted on the rooftop of indian house in Karur with the sounds of OM mantra. (DVD Pal)


"Ashtanga vinyasa yoga and adjustments"

Yogacharya Sheshadri from Mysore is disciple of BNS Iyengar (Krishnamacharya lineage) and teachs in Mysore Mandala Yogashala. He demonstrates advanced adjustment of ashtanga postures using towel and wall, and his own asana practice. Third movie on this DVD is asana demonstration of young indian girls - students of Sheshadri. Amateur shooting on VHS video camera.  (DVD Pal)


Swami Ram Dev ji, Divya Yoga Ashram

Swami from Divya Yoga Ashram, Haridwar, India, demonstes basic pranayamas and talking about benefits of them by pathetic voice. (VCD Pal)


Bal Mukund Singh "Sukshma Vyaama and Asana"

Bal Mukund Singh is disciple of Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari and senior teacher of Delhi Yoga Institute. He demonstrates sukshma vyaama practice (dinamical yogic exercises according to tradition of Maharishi Kartikeya - Sw.Dhirendra Brahmachari) and some basic asanas. With english commentary of other teacher of Yoga Institute. Amateur recording in Delhi in the beginnings of 1990s. (DVD Pal)

Gallery of Bal Mukund Singh you can see here


Dr. Munusamy Madhavan

"Pranayama workshop (Moscow, 2006)" + bonus: ntencive pranayama class for Moscow yogateachers (more than 8 hours of movie)

This is 3 DVD Set with workshop of Yogatherapy and Ayurvedic doctor M.Madhavan from Tamil Nadu, South India. He belongs to Shivananda Tradition. He gives theory and practice of traditional pranayama, teaching advanced variation of Surya namaskara sequence, answers the questions of students. He speaks good and clear english. Workshop with russian translator, but original voice of Teacher in english sounds very well.  3 DVD Pal



Western Yoga masters

Dharma Mitra

Workshop in Israel Famous yogacharya from new York, disciple of Yogi Gupta (Swami Kailashanada) from Rishikesh, autor of 108 asanas poster, Dharma Mitra calls his own original style "Shiva namaskara". (DVD Pal)


Shandor Remete "Yoking the Shadow"

First movie of famous australian master, original asana sequences with elements of Chi kung and Taichi. First part of movie shooted in studio, second part in australian rocks on the bank of ocean. This video was originally produced only on VHS and now oficially is out of stock. (DVD Pal)


Shandor Remete  "Workshop in Moscow, winter 1999"

First workshop in Moscow, a lot of original practice and theory - alightment of asanas, inner work in asana practice, marma`s - energetical points of human body according to Ayurveda, etc. Total time 11 hours, Shandor teachs in English with russian translator. (4 DVD set, Pal)




Reinhard Gammenthaler "Yoga in tradition of Dhirendra Brahmachari"

Live recording from master class on 3rd Conference of Russian Yoga Magazine in Crimea, 2006. Reinhard is carizmatic yoga teacher from Switzerland, disciple of Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari, teaches sukshma vyaama and asanas, but in more meditative and some time more hard way. He makes accent on awakening Kundalini Shakti. He teaches in english with russian translator. (DVD Pal)  Website


Reinhard Gammenthaler "Workshop in Kiev 2005"

Live recording 2 hours with good quality picture and sound. He teaches in english (sounds well) with russian translator. (DVD Pal)  Website



Rare documental movies

 under constraction


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